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Data set: Chestnut blockboard for step use with surface treatment (00.00.072)

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Chestnut blockboard for step use with surface treatment; 526 kg/m3 at 8±2% humidity at the factory gate
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  • Chestnut blockboard for step use with surface treatment - 1.0 * (not available)
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Materials production / Wood
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*All stages of the LCA have been considered, carrying out a cradle-to-grave analysis, including module D "Additional information beyond the life cycle of the building". * Biogenic carbon sequestration and emission has been calculated according to the UNE-EN 16485 standard and under the modularity principle of the UNE-EN 15804 standard. The UNE-EN 16449 standard was used to calculate the biogenic carbon content and its transformation into biogenic CO2. All the wood evaluated in this project comes from national forests and has sustainable forest management and chain of custody certification, so it is assumed to be biogenic carbon neutral.
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- Data quality: Data on energy and raw material consumption in the production of a functional unit of product type have been estimated from data provided by national manufacturers, studies based on real experiences and from the review of specialised literature. The data on additives have been extracted from the technical data sheets of commercial brands commonly used in the sector, as well as from data provided by national manufacturers of the typical product. In any case, the selection of data and estimates of consumption have been carried out with the aim of being as representative as possible of the chestnut blockboard sector in Spain. The data used are assumed to be of level 1 quality because they come from recognised and reliable sources from the study area, as well as the technological processes are referred to the final product. - Assignment: The allocation has been carried out following the UNE-EN 15804 standard whenever possible. The energy consumed by the machinery in the manufacturing process was obtained by means of estimates based on data on power demand, performance and hourly consumption from practical experience with real data, data from manufacturers of the typical product and specialised bibliography. Likewise, the energy consumption data for the raw material extraction and transport phases have been estimated on the basis of real machinery data obtained from catalogues and specialised bibliography that includes practical case studies. - Cut-off criteria: All raw material and energy consumptions have been taken into account except those related to the maintenance of machines and vehicles and the replacement of parts worn out by use. - Application of a product: Step in dry environment and indoor use. - Reference quantity for the functional unit: 1 m3 of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) blockboard for use as a step. - Quantified key properties: - Resistance Class: SWP1 (UNE-EN 13353) - Use class: 1 (UNE-EN 335) - Service Class: 1 (UNE-EN 1995-1-1 and CTE DB-SEM) - Minimum performance characteristics to be maintained during the RSL: Resistant class and class of use and service. - RSL >50 years
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Project "Sustainable Timber Construction Task Force"
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- The use considered for the product type is a step, working in conditions of use class 1 and service class 1. - Defined standard product: Chestnut wood blockboard (step use) at 8±2 % humidity with surface treatment (lasur) of dimensions 32 x 1220 x 2440 mm.
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  • EN 15804+A2 (Overall compliance: Not defined)
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